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Looking for a workshop or a weekend retreat?

Linda offers customized workshops for your group - weaving in the ideal balance of some or all of the following:

  • creativity practices
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • visualizations
  • songwriting
  • & more

Check out the sample workshops below or contact Linda today to discuss your goals to create your ideal workshop.

Linda McLean Yoga


Linda is a certified yoga teacher with a professional background in the Alexander technique, vocal and performance improvisation, and theatre. Her restorative and heart-opening yoga classes are designed to enhance awareness and balance between body, breath, and mindfulness.



Creatvity is what makes us human. We are all creative all thme. With this principle in mind, Linda has been teaching and mentoring in the performing arts and songwriting for more than thirty years. She works in numerous modalitiies to mentor people to help develop deep personal relationship with their inner artist.


Meditation is beneficial for both mind and body and it's as simple as breathing. If you can breathe, you can meditate. That's the beginning, and then we practice paying attention to our breath. The more we practice, the easier it becomes to integrate meditation into our daily routine.



Free your voice, balance your body and your mind. Develop a relationship with your creative muse and find your lyrics. Linda's Mining for Gold: Connect with Your Creativity and Write Meaningful Lyrics Exercise will help you find your song and uncover your inner musician.


Customized Workshops with Linda

Available on Request

The descriptions that follow are overviews. Contact Linda to discuss custom options.

Warm Up Get Creative

This workshop is designed with you and your group in mind. Based on your goals, we'll create an experience to help get communication and creativity flowing. Half day or full day sessions can include any combination of: yoga, body mindfulness, vocal exercises, stress release, improvisation, group writing, individual writing and group sharing. Fun, relaxed, inspiring, co-creative.


Half day 4 - hour workshop


Full day 8-hour workshop



Focus on Writing Your Song

This full-day workshop is a small group intensive experience that begins with relaxation and guides you to tap into your emotional content and find your new song. You will learn how to find personally meaningful lyrics and develop them into your own song. We'll work one on one to develop lyrics and melody and get your song ready to share with others. Fun and inspiring. Nurture your creativity and develop a working relationship with your muse.

(Minimum 1 and Maximum 9 participants)

Full day 8-hour workshop

Readings + Song performance

Many of my books refer to songs I've written and some have inspired new songs. If you would like me to come do a reading for your group, I'll be happy to bring my guitar and do a reading and a concert all in one.

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Women's Music Weekend

with Jane Lewis, Katherine Wheatley and Linda McLean

Women's Music Weekend is the transformative, inspiring music program created and led by musicians Katherine Wheatley, Linda McLean and Jane Lewis. Their intensive program is designed to offer you many options to explore your musical self. Break out sessions include Group Singing, Harmony, Restorative Yoga, Composing Melody, Writing Lyrics, Vocal Play, Jamming and Performance Techniques. Katherine, Linda and Jane will stretch and challenge you through an unforgettable weekend, hand-crafted to deliver a rewarding, enlightening, and fun-filled experience. You'll leave nurtured, inspired & with a song in your heart!

For details and to register go to:

Women's Music Weekend

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