Relationships and Being the Most Important Person; Short Vid #3

Hello from a farm in France – where I’m thinking a lot about relationships and what it means to be the most important person in them, all of them.

I’m spending the summer writing and playing music and taking care of a few animals and the gardens. I’m super happy to be here and feel exceptionally lucky to have this opportunity. The only thing is I’m spending a lot of time on my own.

Well not completely alone, there’s always the sheep.






Relationships are fundamental to our well-being, and we’re in relationship with everything we interact with, the sky and earth and air etc. Relationships come and go. But those relationships that are really important to us, like children and spouse and other family, it’s easy to forget to be the most important person in those. It seems like a selfish way to be. But when I think about it, being the most important person is the best way to be in relationship, especially with those we deeply care about.

Here is the link to the short YouTube vid I just uploaded.

Get in touch. Cheers and best to you until next time.



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