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The Importance of Being Important

Here is why I’m writing this book. I believe we are all entitled to live the life we want to live. In order to live the life we want to live we need to know we are the centre of the universe.


When we know we are the most important person in our life we take on the full responsibility for our life, we become the master of our destiny, stand our own ground, strong, centred. Knowing we are the centre of our life is the beginning of everything. It is the key to the whole world changing. Knowing you are the most important person in the world means no one and no idea can sway you from making your own best decisions. You are the centre of your world, and you can be the portal to a world that is built on joy, to peace, to community, to strength and courage, to spirit-realization, to the manifestation of our human greatness. decide how much to give others, whether to give everything or nothing, the giving is your choice, made for your own good, the only good you have any control over. We can convince or inspire others but we cannot control, not without the permission of that which we seek to control. Or you can be the portal for never doing another thing in the world for anyone but yourself. Your choice.We just are. We don’t need to read or do or be anything. We’re already all we need right here and right now.

The Importance of Being Important

I wrote thousands of morning pages, got out of bed, put on my crown, walked mindfully to the mirror, gazed into my eyes and said, “I am important. I am successful. I matter. ” I sat in meditation and contemplated my divine centre and prepared for the lessons to unfold. At the end of each day I wrote a list of ten things I was most grateful for, then put my journal and pen beside my bed to write down my dreams the moment I woke up.

I regarded with amazement the beautiful world and felt a part of the whole, moment by moment, breath by breath. Synchronicity was normal, magic was normal. I knew there was no such thing as accidents. I felt the energy of love in everything. I learned the power of forgiveness, of forgiving myself and those who sought to do me harm. I opened my heart and mind to my angels and asked them for loving protection, safe journeys and the odd parking spot.

For over thirty years I worked to love each day, conscious, awake, a mindful participant of life, my greatest inspiration to find what I had yet to learn. And until just a few moments ago it seems I was completely deluded.