What Do You Stand For?

“If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.”

It’s hard to know what we stand for. Especially, I think, because of all the self-censoring going on these days. We’re afraid to say what we truly believe. Or we’re so confused by the zillions of different ideas floating around in the strato-blogo-twitto-media sphere that it’s hard to know what to think so we don’t. If we take a political stand that’s unpopular we might get beaten up or screamed at or shunned. If we don’t bow to group think we might get publicly shamed.

When did all of this mind control start? I don’t know for sure but I think it happened on Thursday, December 9, 2014. Or maybe it was Wednesday. But seriously, how has this happened? How have we lost the ability to speak our minds freely? And will we ever get it back?

Are we really so afraid of being unpopular?

I really think we’re in danger of losing our freedom of thought soon, and in my mind, that would be an utter and complete catastrophe. And THEY won’t even need to build those machines that can read our minds. The thought police will be ourselves.

We can’t let this happen people. Not the mind reading machines. I personally don’t believe the hype about AI, mainly because human creativity is calibrating at an ever higher frequency of limitlessness which is why technology is doomed, not humanity.

But regarding self-censoring – I may have a solution for us.  A creative one.

  1. Make a list of the top five things that interest you. ie, Politics, cats, horses, garden hoses, Basque sailors caps.
  2. Decide where you stand on each of these things. So for example, if it’s Basque Sailors Caps, decide if you think they’re important, beautiful, should be brought back into common use, ought to remain in your private collection, and so on.
  3. Find a person you like and ask them to do the same thing, make their list and decide where they stand.
  4. Compare your lists and talk about them.

In other words, communication is the answer — communication with ourselves — communication with people we like — and don’t like.

In other words, stop self-censoring and communicate.

Here are my top five interests.

  1. Writing – I love to write I always want to be able to write. I stand for my right to write.
  2. Singing – I am fascinated by the human voice and it’s capacity to make gorgeous notes. I believe everyone needs to sing.
  3. Family – probably should have come before singing. I love my family, I’m always with them unconditionally.
  4. Friends – I have great friends. I stand for our rights to laugh and argue and still love each other in the end.
  5. Nature – especially trees. If anyone tries to cut the big oak tree across the street down I’ll fight them.

But here is another even better solution to self-censoring — and this is probably the best one.

Make art.

I believe we all desire to create something beautiful. In truth, I believe our survival depends on it. As we develop a relationship with our inner imagination to create our art we are deciding for ourselves what spirit is. We’re communicating with our deepest self. We tune in to good vibrations. Communicating with our imagination puts us in touch with what matters. Making art makes us better.

However you choose to manifest your creativity, whether by painting, sculpting, writing, music, pottery, poetry, or dance, and regardless of how you choose to share that creative art in the world, professionally or with the neighbourhood cat, make art.



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