We Are All Creative

‘There are no accidents.’

That’s what a piano teacher told me once, the teacher who had me practice Bartok and counterpoint rhythms to train right and left hands to play independently and in unison.

What has that got to do with creativity? 

Taking piano lessons with Peter was like trying to make order out of chaos every time I sat at the piano. (which is how I made the leap). I also understood that it takes years to develop enough proficiency in a skill in order to create something worth sharing. I remember it as one of the happiest times of my life because I’d dreamed of being a musician for my entire life. I was seven the first time I picked up a guitar and learned to sing folk songs. I was eleven when I formed my first band. And when I was twenty five and a newly divorced single mom of two, the first thing I did was buy us a piano.

What has any of this got to do with creativity?

Let me finish. That was when the music lessons began and it wasn’t long until I realized that all I wanted to do was write songs. Simple melodies, strange lyrics, blinding together in all sorts or wild patterns of harmonies. But I also believed that me writing songs was the craziest idea I’d ever had so I kept it my big secret and pretended that learning to play independently with both my hands was enough.

Art-Making? Personal Transformation, Evolution, Transition? Call it what you will – We Are All Creative.

One night I dreamed I was floating beside a tree that emanated music through its light. The music was the most magnificent music I’d ever heard. I woke up ecstatic and devastated at the same time. On one hand I knew there was the most beautiful music in the world floating in my unconscious, and on the other hand I doubted I’d ever be able to translate what I’d heard. It was then that I realized I had to make a choice, never try to create that beautiful music or stop worrying and begin to try. I began, and I stopped trying and just did it. I worked as often as I could to find simple tunes that made me feel close to the tree music dream memory. A few years later I’d written dozens of songs and a few years after that I recorded and produced more than three dozen of them. But that’s not the point.

What is the point?

The point is this. If I’d chosen to ignore that music, I never would have written all the wonderful songs that i have now written, the songs that helped bring me back the joy and passion of my childhood dream.
That is why I know, creativity is the portal for healing, and I believe that goes for all of us. Because whether we choose the way we express it, we are all creative! It is what distinguishes us as human beings. And it has nothing to do with being talented or artistic even. It just has to do with being human.
Whether we know it or not, we are all creative all the time.

Being Creative has nothing to do with talent.

We do not need to be some superhuman genius to make or do anything worth noting in order to be creative. We could devote every moment of every day to our muse, like William Blake for example, who was an exceptionally creative person most would agree. (He and I share the same birth date by the way.) Will Blake made his living as a visual artist and he is one of the greatest poets of the English language, which meant he never stopped – he had an uncompromising relationship with his creativity. We do not need to be William Blake. (although those of us who share his birthday may sometimes believe we have to be) No, I mean, we do not need to be an unstoppable force when it comes to being creative.

We just need to be aware that we are all creatives, aware that we are creative all the time. And if we want to apply that creativity to making something ‘artistic’ then so be it. The more the merrier. Since we’re creative anyways. Since we never stop creating. Why not choose what kind of creative we want to be?

If you’d like to write a song, join me in France in October, I’d love to help you write yours.
Yoga and Songwriting Weekend in South of France, Oct 19-21, 2018

We are all creative, being creative is what distinguishes us as humans. I’m with Will, I’ll never stop creating.

May the muse be with you too.


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