One Month Creativity Diet – Commit to showing up.

Commit to showing up for one month.

Step 3 to prepare for your month on a Creativity Diet is to make the commitment to stay on your diet. If it helps, make yourself accountable to someone else.

This may be the hardest step in your month of creativity diet.  It looks easy in the beginning – what’s one month, no worries I can do it. But by day six after you’ve only shown up once that week, it won’t look quite as simple.  Statistically, that’s how it goes. But I’m no statistician. I just want you to be aware, you’re going to want to not work on your project at some point over the month. When that happens you have to know you are going to show up anyways. You’re going to sit in front of your project, put yourself in that space, face the creativity, face your resistance, or laziness, or whatever else comes up, and you’re going to work on your project.

Prepare time and space.  

Pick a start date, pick an end date. Before your start date gather together all the supplies or tools you need. Schedule in the time you will spend each day, it could be ten minutes, it could be an hour. It’s up to you to decide how much time each day you can commit to your creative project. Same time each day is best.

Set up your space. Your creating corner. The place you go each day to work on your project. Put your tools or supplies in your space. Make it somewhere you can see every day, like the corner of the room where you sleep. Keep it visible to remind you.

Stick to it.

There is one thing about diets, they don’t work if you quit. You have to stick to them. So be prepared, you’ll want to quit, or find something that’s more important, or decided it’s a wast of time. You know you will. Prepare yourself. Know what you’ll do to make sure you show up every day. Maybe you’ll decide to make yourself accountable to someone who won’t let you give up. Maybe you need to be very clear on why you are dong your project.

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