One Month Creativity Diet

A CREATIVITY DIET? It makes sense to me.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my diet, ie the food I eat, ie plans that make sense and will bring balance and nourishment into my life. Like all of us, I want to feel great and have lots of energy, so I’m always looking for greater and better ways to remain healthy and vital.

…it occurred to me one day that what also makes me feel great and have lots of energy is being creative. and that got me thinking that what we all need is a good and healthy balanced diet of Creativity. In my experience as an artist being creative is just as important as eating well. And in my experience in teaching in music, writing and performing arts, the biggest stumbling block for most people is feeling comfortable about being creative. So in one enthusiastic wild mind moment I decided that putting together a ‘dietary’ plan would offer an accessible and fun way to help people bring more creativity into their lives.

Simple, clear, proactive and I think it might catch on.
Below you’ll find an overview and in future posts I’ll talk about each step in the plan in more detail. If this catches on I’ll turn it into an e-booklet and make it widely and freely available for you and your friends. Your input will help that happen so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let me know what you think. :


Like eating well, being creative is essential to living a healthy balanced life. If you agree with that statement but still haven’t found a way to add creativity to your daily routine you may need to go on a Creativity Diet. I’ve designed a five step plan to help you prepare for your month long Creativity Diet. The theory is that once you’ve been creative for a month you’ll never want to go without being creative again.

  1. EXAMINE YOUR CREATIVE GOAL     What is it you would truly love to achieve? What’s your vision? What’s your secret self that you would like to step towards?
  1. START WITH ONE CREATIVE PROJECT.     Based on what you’ve discovered about your goal, pick one creative project that will get you there. Make it SIMPLE.
  1. COMMIT TO SHOWING UP FOR ONE MONTH     Before your month officially begins make sure you have all the supplies you need.
  1. KEEP A DAILY JOURNAL     Make a note every day of how it’s going as you prepare to go on your creativity diet. Bare minimum, the date and one word to describe how you’re feeling
  2. COMPARE BEFORE AND AFTER.     Before you begin your month on your Creativity Diet re-examine your goal.

I predict after one month you’ll be thinking about your next project. Here’s to your creativity. xo

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