One Month Creativity Diet – Choose a First Project

Stage 2 – Choose your first project, just one project with the thought ‘Make it Easy’ in mind

To be creative is a choice. To begin make it easy.

Now that you have a Creative Goal you have a vision of what kind of creativity you want to put your attention to! It also means you’re off to a great start. And now is where you will want to break your ONE GOAL down into smaller doable components. Based on what you’ve discovered pick one Creative Project that will get you closer to your vision.

Decide on one creative project.

Choose one project that is in line with your creative goal. Keep it simple. Make it easy. If your creative goal is to write songs, start with one. If your creative goal is to write one song, start with one part of a song, the melody or a verse. If you want to write a story, your one goal could be to write a great outline for your story. The point of this is to put yourself in line with your creative goal and in order to do that you need to know where on that line you are standing. Are you a complete beginner or do you have some skills ready to utilise? Get clear about where you are at in relation with your goal.

Take stock of what you have. Make a list of what you need.

Do inventory. What do you need for your project? What do you already have? What will you need in order to do this one project on your creativity diet?

For example, if you’re gong to paint, do those acrylic paints you bought and stuffed in your closet ten years ago still have any life in them? What supplies will you need? Do you have a sketch book full of ideas or is your masterpiece hiding somewhere in your ten year old mind?

How will you begin? One song, one painting, a five minute choreography, one chapter of your book? You decide.

Answer the question, ‘What’s doable, realistically, on a daily basis, in my life right now?’  For example, if you want to be a songwriter then you’ll start with writing one song. Will you use paper and pen and an instrument. Or will you sing it into a phone app? Figure out the simplest way that suits you. If you’re going to paint, do you need to begin with line drawings or practicing perspective? You know what you can and need to do to just start. No book is going to tell you. You have to tell yourself.  Choose one project and keep it simple.

Make it easy!

The easier you make it, the more fun it will be to show up and stick to your Creativity Diet!

Start with the easiest thing and prepare what you need to do that.


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