One Month Creativity Diet – Compare and Contrast

Part five to prepare for your one month creativity diet – Compare and Contrast.

Here is a great way to begin always, be conscious – for example, ask yourself, what has changed since I decided to spend one month on a Creativity Diet?

Take a piece of paper. Take a pen. Divide the page into two columns. On one side write BEFORE. On the other side write NOW. Cast your memory back to the moment before you decided to go on a diet of Creative Recovery? Can you describe how you felt in one or two words?  Do you still feel the same way? Be honest.

Before you thought about being creative – and now…

At the end of your month long diet you might notice some major changes in your life. You’ll be noting those in your journal over the month. But right now, before you begin your Creative Project, spend some time noticing how things are changing. Look at yourself in the mirror and remember what it felt like before. Notice how you’re feeling now. Note the shift – or possibly shifts.

Compare and Contrast is a way to develop conscious awareness.

While you go through your month of preparing to be creative, practice noticing what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling. The more you are aware, the more conscious you become. (Also, the more you create the more present you will be which is another way of being aware). Your ability to be consciously aware will grow as you practice being aware. Simple.

There is a myth or misunderstanding about creativity having to with going with the flow or of following bliss. That can be a bi-product of being creative, but to be creative doesn’t mean just drifting through the experience. Being creative means doing, choosing, engaging with all your senses. Creativity isn’t something that happens to you. It is a choice. You can make the choice to be creative. You can make the choice about how you experience being creative. I hope you love every bite.

Hopefully  you are ready to go on your month of Creative Diet.

  • You’ve got a Creative Goal.
  • You’ve got One Simple Creative Project.
  • You’ve Committed to showing up for one month.
  • You’re keeping a daily journal.
  • You’re wide awake and clear about what and why You Are On This Diet.

So, will you begin? Will you have fun? Stick with it? Please let me know how it goes.

If you’d like to write a song, join me in the South of France this October for my Yoga and Songwriting Weekend.



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