Creativity Diet – Choose One Creative Goal

To get started on your month long diet of creativity choose one creative goal.

My Friends, now is the time to be wild mind. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We are all creative all the time – whether we realize it or not, we are all creating all the time. The sad truth is most of us have been convinced that we don’t have a creative bone in our body, that we have no talent, or told when we were young and believed for the rest of our lives taht we’re no good at art. We get talked into putting aside our passionate single source of creative fun in exchange for the far more practical choice to grow up and get serious about life. Stealthily we bury our desire and forget what it is to play, to have fun, to make something we really really want to make!

My big desire was to write. What’s yours?

Creative Goal

Choose one creative goal.

Start by asking yourself, ‘If I could create one thing in my life, I would make __. What is it you would truly love to create? What thing do others do that makes you really jealous? Which art scares you more than any other?  Whose talent makes you secretly say to yourself ‘I could do that so much better? That’s probably the creativity you really want to explore.

Reverse the “I’m no Artist’ curse.

Most of us as children are expected to be creative, to play, to get lost in imaginary games. Then we’re told as adults to get real and serious. Thus, it makes sense to think that as adults we need to find that inner child in order to regain our creative sensitivity. But I have a question – Why can’t adults be creative? Or to make the point more pointedly, Let’s give our inner child a nod but let’s channel our inner adult artist.  Thank the teacher who cursed us as an eight year old when she proclaimed we could not draw, or sing, or dance or write and move on! Acknowledge we were forced into a negative perception about our creative ‘talents’ shaped by a moment of humiliation then turned it into a belief, a self-label, and sunk our artistic ambitions and Be Here Now.

It’s enough to know you want to try something! I’ll say that again. It’s enough to want to be creative! All we have to do is replace that story with a new one. My first step to do that was to acknowledge my secret longing that I’d buried under a pile of stones deep in a cold dark cave!  I knew what it was. I was afraid to admit it. I was afraid to fail. Now I know there is no such thing as failing. But let’s finish this point first.
You know what your secret is. And I am here to give you permission to admit it. Just to yourself. You don’t have to tell anyone else. Not yet. For now, just right be here and right now, admit to yourself what kind of creativity you’ve always wanted to DO.

Choose your thing.

Don’t make a list of ten things. Make your list one thing! Even if it’s the wrong thing, which it can’t possibly be but that’s another other subject, you’re only going to do it for a month. And I promise even if you decide you were doing the wrong thing, just doing it will put you on the path to get closer to the real ONE thing. Be afraid but choose one thing anyways.

On that subject, let’s be realistic. If your childhood dream was to be a concert pianist and you’re in your thirties and have never before even sat at a piano, chances are good to certain you’ll probably never make it as a concert pianist. But if your heart is set on ‘Piano Player’ you can start with one month of showing up and learning and practicing and you will be a piano player for the other hundreds of ways there are available to you.

Choose 1 creative goal.

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