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Linda McLean Creative Workshops

Wednesday Sessions March 10 to May 26, 2021
@2pm Hatha
Hatha yoga improves strength, flexibility, and balance. I’ll draw from a Vanda Scaravelli inspired
practice which teaches us to move from our strong inner core outwards into our poses. In each
class we’ll spend time on one or two poses breaking them down for deeper body mind
understanding. You will have the option to do parts or all of this class in a chair.
@5pm Vinyasa
Vinyasa, (Vin-yah-sah) translated means ‘to step in a certain way.’ The practice is designed to
link your breathing with your movement through poses and sequences. This class will increase
your energy and strengthen and improve focus and intention. Accompanied by music, the
sessions are vigorous and empowering as we dig deep and challenge limiting barriers and beliefs.
@7pm Restorative
Restorative yoga is designed to move us with ease into flexibility, stillness, body awareness,
and relaxation. With calming breath, gravity and props we’ll explore gentle, unwinding poses.
After this class you will sleep like a baby.

Looking for a workshop or a weekend retreat?

Linda offers customized half day to full weekend workshops and retreats, designed for individuals or groups- unplugged, responsive, and weaving in your ideal balance of any of the following:

  • Creativity Practice
  • Song Writing
  • Free-Writing Poetry, Story
  • Improvisation
  • Sense Memory
  • Performance techniques
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Body-Mind awareness
  • Alexander postural techniques
  • Health and Wellness

Contact Linda to discuss your bespoke workshop.


Develop a relationship with your creative muse and find your lyrics. Linda’s Mining for Gold: Connect with Your Creativity and Write Meaningful Lyrics techniques will help you get go inside, dig around and extract material for your song lyrics, stories and any form of creative self-epression you wish to explore.

The best songs and stories are built from what we know. Whether we connect with our playful and fun self or draw from personal and difficult stories and sense memories — it’s when we mine the wealth of what’s in us and write from personal experience that we create work that resonates with others and the world.



“Creativity is what makes us human and we can be creative all of the time.” Linda has over 30 years experience teaching and mentoring in the performing arts, and follows the principle that creativity is primary to our human experience. We are all creative beings but many of us have either forgotten or never been encouraged to hone our creative skills. Linda works in numerous modalities to help individuals and groups develop confidence in their ability to be creative, to rekindle the relationship with their inner artist. to make creativity a daily practice and more.


Linda has a Masters of Education in Arts and Creativity, as well as a background in acting and coaching actors. She draws on her experience and knowledge to help people move through their fear of performing. Fear lives in the mind, and fear of taking creative risks is enhanced by negative self-judgement. Learn to replace your performance anxiety with self-awareness and confidence.



Linda is a certified yoga teacher with a professional background in the Alexander technique, and well as vocal and performance improvisation. Her restorative and heart-opening yoga classes are designed to enhance awareness and balance between body, mind and spirit. Yoga, in all its forms, is the process of connecting us to ourselves, finding a greater sense of purpose and harnessing our creative energy.

Linda McLean Yoga

Workshop Examples


This workshop is designed with you and your group in mind. Based on your goals, we’ll create an experience to help get communication and creativity flowing. Half day or full day sessions can include any combination of: yoga, body mindfulness, vocal exercises, stress release, improvisation, group writing, individual writing and group sharing. Fun, relaxed, inspiring, co-creative. All that’s required is a space large enough so that each participant can move freely around the room.

(# of Participants = unlimited based on space)

Half day 4 – hour workshop


Full day 8-hour workshop


This full-day or weekend long workshop is a small group intensive experience that begins with relaxation and guides you to tap into your emotional content and find your song. You will learn how to find personally meaningful lyrics, develop them into a song, and find a melodic theme for your composition. You’ll share your work in progress with others in a nurturing and safe environment. You’ll be inspired to approach your creativity as a practice and develop a working relationship with your inner muse.

  • 1 or 2 Day (8+ hours per day)
  • 6 to 20 participants


What happens when you’ve created something you want to share and don’t know how to begin? How do you step through performance anxiety and into the public?  We’ll build a workshop to provide the turning point you need to be able to share your work with the confidence you know you have within you. You’ll identify your personal fear, develop ways to move through your resistance and experience yourself in the public light strong, calm and generous.

  • Half Day or 4 hours
  • Full Day or 8 hours
  • Full Weekend or 16 hours plus
  • Minimum Participants = 6
  • Maximum Unlimited
Contact Linda to create your custom workshop.
Workshop can include a Reading and/or Music Concert of Linda McLean’s original work.

Women's Music Weekend

Founded and Facilitated by Jane Lewis, Katherine Wheatley and Linda McLean

Women’s Music Weekend is the transformative, inspiring music program created and led by musicians Linda McLean, Katherine Wheatley and Jane Lewis. This fun and intensive program is designed to offer you many options to explore your musical self. Break out sessions include Group Singing, Harmony, Restorative Yoga, Composing Melody, Writing Lyrics, Vocal Improvisation, Jamming and Performance Techniques. Jane, Katherine and Linda will stretch and challenge you through an unforgettable weekend, hand-crafted to deliver a rewarding, enlightening, and play-filled experience. You’ll leave nurtured, inspired, with a song in your heart, and perhaps your own song to share with the world.

For details and to register go to: