The Importance of Being Important

Children are resilient? No they aren’t.

By Linda McLean | October 16, 2018

“Children are resilient.” That was the statement I heard over and over during our years of family mediation. What does that mean? Its an adjective, an attribute attached to a noun. And words like strong, tough, hardy, bouyant, and irrepressible are used as synonyms. Children are resilient? No they aren’t. Maybe some are in some…

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The Year of Finishing

By Linda McLean | October 9, 2018

Many moons ago, I was a mom raising three kids. I was building a house in the country. I was thinking about what to do when I grew up. I hadn’t become a songwriter yet. I hadn’t started writing books. I was about to go back to school to get a Masters degree. Recently I…

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4 Steps to Prime Your Creativity Pump

By Linda McLean | October 2, 2018

You do have creative bones, you just don’t know it. The problem isn’t what most non-artists believe about themselves, ie ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body.’ The problem is we don’t learn how to tap into our creativity. When we’re schooled to do as we’re told it can be hard and scary…

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Be the Change You Want to See

By Linda McLean | September 25, 2018

Speaking of change I’m thinking of changing my name. Well, not actually changing it, just creating a new one. A name to suit the new personae I’ve been working on, a woman of no fixed address who is well on her way to becoming a bestselling author. Meet Ailla Zaeg. She’s an international woman of…

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Men Need to Read This Too

By Linda McLean | August 7, 2018

The Importance of Being Important – Men Need to Know This Too. For the past two years I’ve been writing The Importance of Being Important. The central idea of the book is simple, every one of us is the most important person in the room. It’s a notion that doesn’t sit comfortably with most people,…

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One Month Creativity Diet – Compare and Contrast

By Linda McLean | July 31, 2018

Part five to prepare for your one month creativity diet – Compare and Contrast. Here is a great way to begin always, be conscious – for example, ask yourself, what has changed since I decided to spend one month on a Creativity Diet? Take a piece of paper. Take a pen. Divide the page into…

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Linda McLean

One Month Creativity Diet – Write a Daily Journal

By Linda McLean | July 24, 2018

Part 4 of your Month of Creativity Diet – Write a Journal Write about your creative project every day. As much or as little as you want. At bare minimum write the date and one word to describe how you’re feeling about putting yourself on this creativity diet ie Good!  Bad! Indifferent.! Better yet, give…

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One Month Creativity Diet – Commit to showing up.

By Linda McLean | July 17, 2018

Commit to showing up for one month. Step 3 to prepare for your month on a Creativity Diet is to make the commitment to stay on your diet. If it helps, make yourself accountable to someone else. This may be the hardest step in your month of creativity diet.  It looks easy in the beginning…

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One Month Creativity Diet – Choose a First Project

By Linda McLean | July 10, 2018

Stage 2 – Choose your first project, just one project with the thought ‘Make it Easy’ in mind To be creative is a choice. To begin make it easy. Now that you have a Creative Goal you have a vision of what kind of creativity you want to put your attention to! It also means…

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Creativity Diet – Choose One Creative Goal

By Linda McLean | July 3, 2018

To get started on your month long diet of creativity choose one creative goal. My Friends, now is the time to be wild mind. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We are all creative all the time – whether we realize it or not, we are all creating all the time. The sad…

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