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Linda McLean - WriterI’ve been writing songs for years and before that I wrote plays and poems.  In 2016 my story “Dreaming Margaret Atwood” won the Atlantic Writer’s Competition Award in Creative Non-Fiction and in that same year I was a recipient of the Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program where I developed the first of a trilogy of historic fiction, Island, set off the coast of northern Norway and inspired by a true family story.

My current writing project is The Importance of Being Important. It’s a book in the genre of narrative non-fiction, an exploration of why we don’t think of ourselves as the most important person in our life and of how everything changes for the better when we do.

I’ve written and published more than fifty songs and for many years have been teaching and mentoring songwriters. The lyric-writing workshop I’ve developed has been very successful in helping people dig deep to find powerful and personally meaningful lyrics. I’ve compiled my technique for teaching lyric writing in an E-book I’ve titled Mining for Gold – How to Connect with Your Creativity and Write Meaningful Lyrics.  I’ve written easy to follow instructions so you can discover your own limitless inspiration for writing your songs.

Another fun project I’m about to complete is the compilation of all my song lyrics and poems. I’ve titled this E-Book “Poetry to Have Sex With”, because, well, poetry is just so darned sexy, and it will become widely available in the very near future.

My first profession was as a theatre artist and an acting teacher. After ten years of teaching drama I was inspired to go to graduate school to research arts in education. I completed my research in creativity with a paper titled, “The Return to Joy; Creativity as a Quality for the Development of Conscious Awareness”.  My research confirmed a lot of what I already knew makes us happy, especially the fact that we are all creative, no matter how ‘artistic’ or ‘talented’ we believe ourselves to be. The subject of creativity is a recurring theme in songs and stories – what keeps us from following our dreams, and how do we get past our fear of fulfillment. My passion is to inspire creativity and help us all achieve our human potential.

"The Importance of Being Important"

•  Creative Non-Fiction Book

•  Why do we continually make decisions that are not in our own best interests?

•  How is it possible that we can achieve every success and still feel like a failure?

• What makes it so hard to understand that we are in fact the most important person in our life?

• Who are we when we finally accept the fact and live each day knowing we are the most important person in our life?

Click here to read my pre-published pre-prologue.

"Dreaming Margaret Atwood"

Short Story

Winner of 2016 Atlantic Writer’s Competition Creative Non-Fiction Award:   

‘A thin fading line between sleep and awake, where a light image remains, that’s what you have to hold on to; recall the contours and fabric and flow of the dream, all the details, no matter how mundane, and reach for the journal you keep by your bed, the one with the pen crammed into its spine, and write it all down.

Shadow language…  ( Read the full story HERE )

Lyric Writing Workshops

Over the years I’ve developed a successful lyric-writing workshop that combines body awareness and other mindfulness techniques to help participants find meaningful songs. Sign up on my blog page or at the bottom of my music page to receive my free E-Book – Mining for Gold: Connect with Your Creativity and Write Meaningful Lyrics.

Island, Book One

New Historic Fiction Novel 

Sweeping saga set in a remote island off the coast of northern Norway, based on a true story.

Read the synopsis and short excerpt  HERE.