"Every breath, every thought, every feeling, begins and ends with you. Just a fact, not a philosophy. Everything begins here."

- The Importance of Being Important



We are all creative - but some of us have lost our way.

If you're longing to bring creativity into your life, or you need inspiration or encouragement, welcome.

Here is where you'll find what you need. As a professional artist and having mentored creatives for over 30 years, these exercises, resources, and examples help you connect with your creative muse and move along your own artistic path.

Sit Move – A New Approach to Stillness

By Linda McLean | October 1, 2019

The idea came to me one day when I was sitting in my car for another long stretch driving myself from one gig to the next. I’d need to arrive at my show bright and ready to play songs and make a good impression. And as you probably know, sitting in a car and the…

Why I’d Cross an Ocean for Women’s Music Weekend

By Linda McLean | September 24, 2019

I just returned from our most recent Women’s Music Weekend and I should be exhausted. Not so many days ago I left this property in rural France that I’m taking care of for friends, carted luggage and my guitar and music onto trains, planes and automobiles to get in Guelph, Ontario only to spend a…

A Song to Thank You for Stopping By.

By Linda McLean | July 30, 2019

A Song for You I was clearing out my computer to make room for new music and videos and I found this slightly earlier version of “Long Road” by LMB> With a happy hello from my summer haven in France have a listen. LONG ROAD And in case you want to hear it twice and…

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