"Every breath, every thought, every feeling, begins and ends with you. Just a fact, not a philosophy. Everything begins here."

- The Importance of Being Important



We are all creative - but some of us have lost our way.

If you're longing to bring creativity into your life, or you need inspiration or encouragement, welcome.

Here is where you'll find what you need. As a professional artist and having mentored creatives for over 30 years, these exercises, resources, and examples help you connect with your creative muse and move along your own artistic path.

Be the Change You Want to See

By Linda McLean | September 25, 2018

Speaking of change I’m thinking of changing my name. Well, not actually changing it, just creating a new one. A name to suit the new personae I’ve been working on, a woman of no fixed address who is well on her way to becoming a bestselling author. Meet Ailla Zaeg. She’s an international woman of…


By Linda McLean | August 7, 2018

The Importance of Being Important – Men Need to Read This Too. For the past two years I’ve been writing The Importance of Being Important. The central idea of the book is simple, every one of us is the most important person in the room. It’s a notion that doesn’t sit comfortably with most people,…


By Linda McLean | July 31, 2018

PART FIVE to prepare for your one month creativity diet –  COMPARE AND CONTRAST. Here is a great way to begin always, be conscious – ie ask yourself, ‘What has changed since I decided to spend one month on a Creativity Diet? Take a piece of paper. Take a pen. Divide the page into two…

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