The Importance of Being Important

(draft precept)

I wrote thousands of morning pages.

At the start of each day I walked mindfully to the bathroom mirror and smiled at my reflection and said, “You are important. The universe supports you. You matter.”

I learned there was no such thing as accidents. Synchronicity was normal, magic was normal.

At the end of each day I wrote a list of ten things I was most grateful for and put my journal and pen beside  my bed so I could write down my dreams the moment I woke up.

I regarded with amazement the beautiful world and felt a part of the whole, moment by moment, breath by breath. Synchronicity was normal, magic was normal. I knew there was no such thing as accidents. I felt the energy of love in everything. I learned the power of forgiveness, of forgiving myself and those who sought to do me harm. I opened my heart and mind and asked my angels for loving protection, safe journeys and the odd parking spot.

For over thirty years I remained steadfast on my spiritual path, a conscious witness to the journey of my life, and until just a few moments ago it seems, I was completely deluded.

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