We are born into the world in a song. And our journey becomes a quest, to find our way back to that first song. For our whole lives, we long to hear it. The song that's in us, in our breath, in our energy. We may try recreating the song through our instruments, our voice, our dance, our painting. Or we may hear the song of another, and it points us in the direction of our own. Eventually, in this life, we will find ourselves back in the arms of that first song. And when we find ourselves there, we can begin to hear the infinite patterns of other songs. And then everywhere around we can hear the songs of others, And it becomes clear, in music we are one. As in our breath, and as on this earth, there is no separation betwen us and our others. Not in reality.

I've made many friends in my own musical journey. I've heard many stories of how music was found. I love this story a friend in Amsterdam told over coffee one day. It was late 1950's, and my friends eldest brother had joined the navy and to travel the world. On his first visit home, his brother brought gifts for everyone; a silk scarf for his mother, a sailor's cap for his father, jewelry for his sisters and toys for his brothers, and to my friend he gave a record from the USA. My friend was a small boy at the time, and he'd never seen a record. The record jacket had a picture of large black men holding instruments, and he'd never seen anything like that before either. He had no idea of what to make of it all. and especially what to do with the strange lacquered disc. Still, he was thrilled. He felt as if he'd received something miraculous. He poured over the record jacket, and gazed into the ruts of the disc, knowing some magic existed there, if only he could reveal the secret. He began to believe if he kept the disc under his pillow he'd be able to hear the music in his sleep. For months, my friend slept with that record tucked lovingly under his head. Today, he is a lover of all music, and works as an artist manager and music promoter.

I've been fortunate to meet many wonderful people who have found their way to music. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to write my way back to my original song.. I've been even more fortunate to find my way to great friends who've helped me record the songs I've found. And I feel honoured and blessed with the new friends who find and hear my songs and take them for their own.



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