LINDA McLEAN is a Canadian singer/ songwriter, a writer, and a teacher. Writing songs "full of passion" with lyrics that "ache with the retrospective wisdom of a dame in her prime", Linda's been dubbed one of Canada's best kept secrets by UK music media, for example, and "One of Canada's holy trinity of songwriter's" by Canada's CBC. Her songs are available worldwide on Itunes and full CDs can be purchased as follows: her universally acclaimed debut CD Betty's Room(2002) is at Rounder/Europe and her "indie masterpiece" No Language (2005) is avaialble at Bongo Beat. Her acoustic CD, Snow Mountain River, recorded off the floor in her forest home-studio, is available here, and you can purchase new songs by LMB here. You can hear a selection of her songs in Canada on CBC Radio. and in the US on Pandora. Linda writes and records and runs a small studio, and in her spare time moonlights as lead singer in her all star Linda McLean Band. You'll find more details about her music at Mandolin Records, the official Linda McLean Band website.

Linda McLean is a teacher, and songwriting mentor and promoter. She was founding faculty of Seneca College's Independent Music Program, and leads workshops and retreats in songwriting and creativity. She's a yoga teacher, with years of experience utilzing yoga while touring and performing, and currently offers group Hatha and Vinyasa classes and private instruction in her music studio (by appointment). She also integrates yoga sessions into music and creativity workshops, and creates special yoga programs for conferences and events.

Linda writes poetry, lyrics, short stories, articles, essays, blogs. and novels. Her first novel, Of Wives and Daughters, is in its final stage of completion, making way for novel #2 (Ribe) and novel #3 (Fanny Lederberg, Deeply Missed).

Linda McLean, BA, MEd, CYT, would like to send a shout out to her anscestors for paving her way, and to everybody else, "Namaste".









Sit back, watch the rain, life is dripping from those trees, those leaves that shade us.

All we ever really want is in this life we live. All we ever need is

in this life we lead.

"This Life", Unrecorded

Linda McLean, Mandolin Studios * Huntsville, Ontario, Canada * 705 571 1078 * linda@lindamclean.com